Don’t burden children with too much homework

Professor Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, the winner of 2009 Nobel Prize for Chemistry  is proud of his basic education in India and says schools in India offer very good foundation in basic education. “The fact that students from India go on to do extremely well in the West means that at least it is possible to get a very good foundation in terms of basic education in India”.


He believes that young children need relaxation as well, not just study, study and more study. “I shall never forget my days playing in the mango and chickoo (sapota) groves in school. It is a pity that trees are cut down not only in our school but all over cities in India. When I visit India, it is a little sad to see that cities have grown with little planning and allowance for green and open spaces. Where will the children of today play? They come home and perhaps watch TV or are forced to do lots of homework.”

The Nobel Laureate goes on: “I enjoyed the fact that my parents pretty much left me alone to do what I wanted… There is a myth being floated around that I was very studious, etc., but in fact I was a fairly care-free child, often failed to do my homework because I preferred playing with friends, running around, climbing trees… I remember that after school hours some of us would just play until it was time for dinner”.



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October 10, 2009 at 8:49 pm

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