OUR MOTHER – The Goddess is in Everything

Looks like a Pagan video.

Who are Pagans?

“Pagans are people who belong to any of a number of nature-oriented religions, whose worship revolves around the cycles of the sun and moon. As Pagans, we believe in the immanence of divinity, not transcendence alone, and we see divinity in the feminine as well as the masculine.”

In other words:

Eesavaasyam Idam Jagat : The entire world is permeated with God.

Eesvara Sarva Bhootaanaam : God is the indweller of all beings.

Beejam Maam Sarva Bhootaanaam : “I am the origin, the seed of all things”.


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January 31, 2010 at 5:49 pm

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