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Mother, Baby and the Gut Microbe

How Breast Milk Benefits Babies: A large part of human milk cannot be digested by babies and seems to have a purpose quite different from infant nutrition — that of influencing the composition of the bacteria in the infant’s gut. A subspecies of Bifidobacterium longum thrives on the indigestible component of milk and coats the lining of the infant’s intestine, protecting it from noxious bacteria… Link


How Breastfeeding Benefits Mothers’ Health:  Feeding infants with breast milk has been shown to improve baby health and even IQ, but the benefits of breastfeeding also appear to stay with mothers for years to come, lowering risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Nursing can start to break down some of the fat that accumulates in women’s bodies during pregnancy. In fact, not breastfeeding after giving birth seems to put women at higher risk for breast and ovarian cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and many other serious health conditions… Link


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October 7, 2010 at 11:36 pm

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Animal Power

Denmark hotel guests cycle for supper A hotel in Copenhagen is offering guests the chance to earn a free meal in return to peddling specially adapted bicycles to generate electricity.

Now, if humans can earn their supper this way, oxen and horses should be able to earn more, right? After all, they haul a lot more than us.

Well, this has already been demonstrated. Ox-driven generators! Basically, they convert muscular energy (technically known as animal draft power) to electric energy.

This non-conventional energy option has a power potential of some 38,000MW in rural India alone. And unlike solar energy, these oxen will continue to generate power even on a cloudy day. One hopes that they are treated humanely.

Animal power is sustainable and environmentally friendly

Animal power is a renewable energy source that can be sustained in rural areas with little external input. The use of animal power in mixed farming systems encourages crop-livestock integration and sustainable farming practices. Good animal health is a prerequisite for the success of animal traction. Hope these animals are treated humanely.

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May 9, 2010 at 1:43 pm

Earth Hour 2009

Earth Hour is Saturday, March 28th. Are you participating?  

Govt pushes for Earth Hour on March 28

60 Things To Do During Earth Hour

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March 26, 2009 at 1:17 am

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