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Demographics of Depression

Percentages of people who have experienced or will experience depression at some point in their lives:

High-income:        Low- and middle-income:
    • Japan: 6.6 percent
    • Germany: 9.9 percent
    • Italy: 9.9 percent
    • Israel: 10.2 percent
    • Spain: 10.6 percent
    • Belgium: 14.1 percent
    • New Zealand: 17.8 percent
    • Netherlands: 17.9 percent
    • United States: 19.2 percent
    • France: 21 percent
    • China: 6.5 percent
    • Mexico: 8 percent
    • India: 9 percent
    • South Africa: 9.8 percent
    • Lebanon: 10.9 percent
    • Colombia: 13.3 percent
    • Ukraine: 14.6 percent
    • Brazil: 18.4 percent

(Brazil and France are known for ‘less work, more leisure’ attitude very unlike China and Japan. Unconvinced? Compare France to its neighbor Germany, a country known for its work culture. aaram haraam hai…? )

Women are from where?

One factor that held true across countries was the gender ratio of depression. No matter the nationality, women were twice as likely as men to have experienced depression.

Marriage to the rescue?

Marital status was linked to depression in both low- and high-income countries, with people in high-income countries more likely to be depressed if they were separated or never married, and people in low-income countries more likely to be depressed if they were divorced or widowed.

Source: Live Science: US and France More Depressed Than Poor Countries

(How could they not study sunshine intensity as a factor? We all tend to be gloomy on cloudy days).


And now this: Men are Happier at Work Than Women, Survey Finds


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Turning To Their Roots

Generation Y is finding new ways of reaching for its roots. Young guns these days are tuning into Sanskrit.

In tune with this new-found demand, schools are emerging across most cities and towns in the country to teach Sanskrit. Samskrita Bharathi, started in 1981 at Bangalore, now has a branch in Hyderabad.

Akarsh Simha, currently studying in the University of Texas, says, “I think learning Sanskrit made it easy for me to understand a whole host of Indian languages and even some foreign languages (I learned German after learning Sanskrit, and could draw so many parallels), since many words and grammatical structures are common.

Sanskrit is probably one of the most structured languages, and that makes learning many present-day languages so much easier.” “I think there is still unexplored literature in Sanskrit,” he adds.

Even if Sanskrit is still not considered as hep or stylish as French or German, the trend is definitely catching on.

Source: The Hindu – Sanskrit is ‘cool’  by Vishnupriya Bhandaram


Plant a New Language in Your Mind – A Web app tailors language learning to your ability, and turns the experience into a game.

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