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Come Home

Thich Nhat Hanh Surrender Yourself to the NOW

how can you be alive when only your body is there and the mind still wanders in the past or in the future.. you are not really alive.. you are not really available to you.. and you are not available to your beloved one.. so come home to yourself in the here-now.. become fully alive.. and your true presence profits yourself… your true presence profits your beloved

George Harrison – Be Here Now

Remember, now, be here now
As its not like it was before.
The past, was, be here now
As its not like it was before – it was

Why try to live a life,
That isnt real,
No how
A mind, that wants to wander,
round a corner,
Is an un-wise mind

Now, is, be here now
And its not what it was before,
Remember, now, be here now
As its not like it was before – it was



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Non Seeking

“There is no greater mystery than this, that we keep seeking reality though in fact we are reality. We think that there is something hiding reality and that this must be destroyed before reality is gained. How ridiculous! A day will dawn when you will laugh at your past efforts.” –Ramana Maharshi

How to turn the mind from seeking to non-seeking? The mind then says, “Now I desire the state of desirelessness.” The seeking has entered again, the desire has come again through the back door. Because of this, Shiva proceeds immediately with no introduction whatsoever. He immediately starts talking about techniques. Those techniques, if followed, suddenly turn your mind: it comes to the present. And when the mind comes to the present it stops. You attain to no-mind. –Osho
“The conception that there is a goal and a path to it is wrong. We are the goal or peace always. To get rid of the notion that we are not peace is all that is required.” – Ramana Maharshi

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medha sooktam

aum yaschandasAm rishabho viSvaroopah
chandobhyo dhyamrtAt sambabhoova
samendro medhayA sprNotu
amrtasya devadhArano bhooyAsam
Sareeram me vicharshanam
jihvA me madhumattamA
karnAbhyAm bhoori visruvam
bhramhaNa: kosho si medhayA pihita:
srtam me gopAya
om Santi Santi Santih

Aum is the best sound of all vedas.
It arose from the nectarine essence of the vedas.
May I hold the immortal teaching in my mind.
May my body be strong
May my speech be sweet
May I hear a lot of wisdom
O Aum, you are the receptacle of the Supreme Truth
Remove the wordly intelligence that is obstructing my knowledge of you

(from Stōtra mālā By Central Chinmaya Mission Trust):

aum medha devi jushhamaa Naa na aagaad vishvaachi bhadraa sumanasya maanaa
tvayaa jushTaa nuDamaanaa duruktaan brahad vadema vidathe suviiraaha

May the all penetrating goddess of intellect who is beneficial, favorably disposed to, delighting in us, visit us. O goddess, may we, who were delighting in futile speech before thy visit, now as a result of thy delight in us, become enlightened and also capable of expressing the supreme truth along with our heroic sons and disciples.

tvayaa jushTa rishhir bhavati devi tvayaa brahmaa aagatshrii Ruta tvayaa
tvayaa jushTa schitram vindate vasu saano jushhasva draviNo na medhe

O goddess of intellect, favored by thee, one becomes seer; one becomes a brahmana or knower of Brahman. Favored by thee one obtains manifold wealth. Being such, O goddess of intellect, delight in us.

medhAm ma indro dadAtu medhAm devi sarasvati
medhAm me ashvinaa vu bhaavaadhattAm pushhka rasrajA

May Indra grant me intelligence, May goddess Saraswati grant me intelligence. May the two Asvins wearing garlands of lotus flowers, awaken the intelligence in me. and confer on wealth.

apsara suchayA medhA gandhar veshhu cha yanmanaha
devim medhA sarasvati sAmAm medhaa surabhir jushhaTAm svaahaa

Hail the intelligence!  May that intelligence favor me that which is possessed by Apsaras, that which is mental power in Gandarvas, that intelligence expressed as the divine vedic lore and that intelligence which spreads like fragrance.

Aamaam medhaa surabhirr vishvaruupaa hiranya varnaa jagatii jagamyaam
Uurja svatii paya sA pinva mAnA sAmAm medhA suprateekaa jushhantaam

May that goddess of intelligence, come to me with a joyful face and favor me – That goddess of intelligence who is pervasive like fragrance, who is capable of examining all objects, who possesses golden letters in the shape of the syllables of Vedas, who is continuously present, who is fit to be resorted to by the seekers of the values of life again and again, who possesses flavour and strength and who nourishes me with milk and other wealth.

mayi medhAm mayi prajAm mayi agnis tejo dadhAtu
mayi medhAm mayi prajAm mayi indra indri yam dadhAtu
mayi medhAm mayi prajAm mayi sooryo bhrAjo dadhAtu

May agni render in me intelligence, continuity of progeny , and splendour born of vedic study. May Indra render in me intelligence, continuity of progeny and virility. May surya render in me intelligence, continuity of progeny and prowess the strikes fear in the hearts of enemies.

Aum hamsa hamsAya vidmahe paramahamsAya dheemahi tanno hamsa prachodyA

ॐ यश्छन्द॑सामृष॒भो वि॒श्वरू॑पः ।
छन्दो॒भ्यो‌உध्य॒मृता॓थ्सम्ब॒भूव॑ ।
स मेन्द्रो॑ मे॒धया॓ स्पृणोतु ।
अ॒मृत॑स्य देव॒धार॑णो भूयासम् ।
शरी॑रं मे विच॑र्षणम् ।
जि॒ह्वा मे॒ मधु॑मत्तमा ।
कर्णा॓भ्यां॒ भूरि॒विश्रु॑वम् ।
ब्रह्म॑णः को॒शो॑‌உसि मे॒धया पि॑हितः ।
श्रु॒तं मे॑ गोपाय ॥

ॐ शान्तिः॒ शान्तिः॒ शान्तिः॑ ॥

ॐ मे॒धादे॒वी जु॒षमा॑णा न॒ आगा॓द्वि॒श्वाची॑ भ॒द्रा सु॑मन॒स्य मा॑ना ।
त्वया॒ जुष्टा॑ नु॒दमा॑ना दु॒रुक्ता॓न् बृ॒हद्व॑देम वि॒दथे॑ सु॒वीरा॓ः ।
त्वया॒ जुष्ट॑ ऋ॒षिर्भ॑वति देवि॒ त्वया॒ ब्रह्मा॑‌உ‌உग॒तश्री॑रु॒त त्वया॓ ।
त्वया॒ जुष्ट॑श्चि॒त्रं वि॑न्दते वसु॒ सा नो॑ जुषस्व॒ द्रवि॑णो न मेधे ॥

मे॒धां म॒ इन्द्रो॑ ददातु मे॒धां दे॒वी सर॑स्वती ।
मे॒धां मे॑ अ॒श्विना॑वु॒भा-वाध॑त्तां॒ पुष्क॑रस्रजा । अ॒प्स॒रासु॑ च॒ या मे॒धा गं॑ध॒र्वेषु॑ च॒ यन्मनः॑ ।
दैवीं॓ मे॒धा सर॑स्वती॒ सा मां॓ मे॒धा सु॒रभि॑र्जुषता॒ग्॒ स्वाहा॓ ॥

आमां॓ मे॒धा सु॒रभि॑र्वि॒श्वरू॑पा॒ हिर॑ण्यवर्णा॒ जग॑ती जग॒म्या ।
ऊर्ज॑स्वती॒ पय॑सा॒ पिन्व॑माना॒ सा मां॓ मे॒धा सु॒प्रती॑का जुषन्ताम् ॥

मयि॑ मे॒धां मयि॑ प्र॒जां मय्य॒ग्निस्तेजो॑ दधातु॒ मयि॑ मे॒धां मयि॑ प्र॒जां मयीन्द्र॑ इन्द्रि॒यं द॑धातु॒ मयि॑ मे॒धां मयि॑ प्र॒जां मयि॒ सूर्यो॒ भ्राजो॑ दधातु ॥

ॐ हं॒स॒ हं॒साय॑ वि॒द्महे॑ परमहं॒साय॑ धीमहि ।
तन्नो॑ हंसः प्रचो॒दया॓त् ॥

ॐ शान्तिः॒ शान्तिः॒ शान्तिः॑ ॥

तैत्तिरीयारण्यकम् – 4, प्रपाठकः – 10, अनुवाकः – 41-44

Source: vignanam.org

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Blessed Art Thou, Mother

Wanting to reform the world without discovering one’s true self is like trying to cover the world with leather to avoid the pain of walking on stones and thorns. It is much simpler to wear shoes. – Ramana Maharshi

Purify your vision and the world will be purified. All those blaming India on a daily basis should read these words of Swami Vivekananda (after his return to India) :

We all hear so much about the degradation of India. There was a time when I also believed in it. But today standing on the vantage-ground of experience, with eyes cleared of obstructive predispositions and above all, of the highly-coloured pictures of other countries toned down to their proper shade and light by actual contact, I confess in all humility that I was wrong. Thou blessed land of the Aryas, thou wast never degraded. Sceptres have been broken and thrown away, the ball of power has passed from hand to hand, but in India, courts and kings always touched only a few; the vast mass of the people, from the highest to the lowest, has been left to pursue its own inevitable course, the current of national life flowing at times slow and half-conscious, at others, strong and awakened.

I stand in awe before the unbroken procession of scores of shining centuries, with here and there a dim link in the chain, only to flare up with added brilliance in the next, and there she is walking with her own majestic steps — my motherland — to fulfil her glorious destiny, which no power on earth or in heaven can check — the regeneration of man the brute into man the God.

Ay, a glorious destiny, my brethren, for as far back as the days of the Upanishads we have thrown the challenge to the world: न प्रजया धनेन त्यागेनैके अमृतत्वमानशुः— “Not by progeny, not by wealth, but by renunciation alone immortality is reached.”


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Sri Venkateswara stotram

↑ कमलाकुच चूचुक कुन्कुमतॉ नियतारुणितातुल नीलतनॉ

कमलायत लॉचन लॉकपते विजयीभव वेंकट शैलपते

↑ सचतुर्मुख शण्मुख पन्चमुख प्रमुखाखिल दैवत मौळिमणे

शरणागत वत्सल सारनिधे परिपालयमाम व्ऱुशशैलपते

↑ अतिवेलतया तव दुर्विशहै: अनुवेलक्ऱुतै रपराध शतै:

भरितम त्वरितम व्ऱुशशैलपते परया क्ऱुपया परिपाहि हरे

↑ अधिवेंकटशैलमुदार मतेर जनताभि मताधि कदानरतात

परदेवतया गदितान्निगमै: कमलादयिता न्नपरम कलये

↑ कलवेणुरवा वशगॉप वधू शरकॉटि व्ऱुतात स्मर कॉटि समात

प्रतिवल्ल विकाभिमता त्सुखदात वसुदेवसुतान्नपरम कलये

↑ अभिराम गुणाकर दाशरथे जगदेक धनुर्धर धीरमते

रघुनायक राम रमेश विभॉ वरदॉ भव देव दया जलधे

↑ अवनीतनया कमनीयकरम रजनीकर चारु मुखाम्बुरुहम

रजनीचर राज तमॉ मिहिरम महनियमहम रघुराममये

↑ सुमुखम सुह्ऱुदम सुलभम सुखदम स्वनुजम च सुकाय ममॉघशरम

अपहाय रघूद्वह मन्य महम न कथन्चन कन्चन जातु भजे

↑ विना वेंकटेशम ननाथॉ ननाथ: सदा वेंकटेशम स्मरामि स्मरामि

हरे वेंकटेश प्रसीद प्रसीद प्रियम वेंकटेश प्रयच्च प्रयच्च

↑ अहम दूरतस्त्वे पदाम्भॉजयुग्म प्रणामेच्चयागत्य सेवाम करॉमि

सक्ऱुत्सेवया नित्यसेवा फलम त्वम प्रयच्च प्रयच्च प्रभॉ वेंकटेश

↑ अज्ञानिना मया दॉशा नशेशान विहितान हरे:

क्षमस्वत्वम क्षमस्वत्वम शेशशैलसिखामणे

kamalAkucha choochuka kunkumatO — niyatAruNitAtula neelatanO
kamalAyata lOchana lOkapatE — vijayeebhava vEnkaTa SailapatE

Lord of Venkatachala! One whose matchless blue body is ever rendered red by the saffron on the breasts of Kamala (called Sridevi); One whose eyes are broad like the petals of the lotus.

sachaturmukha shaNmukha panchamukha — pramukhAkhila daivata mouLimaNE
SaraNAgata vatsala sAranidhE — paripAlayamAm vRushaSailapatE

The crest-jewel of all Gods like Brahma, Kumarasvami and Maheshwara! The Compassionate One to those seeking protection! Protect me, O Lord of Vrsasaila!

ativElatayA tava durvishahai: — anuvElakRutai raparAdha Satai:
bharitam tvaritam vRushaSailapatE — parayA kRupayA paripAhi harE

Lord of Vrsasaila! May Thou (O Hari!) with Thy extreme mercy protect me who has always committed various unendurable sins.

adhivEnkaTaSailamudAra matEr — janatAbhi matAdhi kadAnaratAt
paradEvatayA gaditAnnigamai: — kamalAdayitA nnaparam kalayE

kalavENuravA vaSagOpa vadhoo — SarakOTi vRutAt smara kOTi samAt
prativalla vikAbhimatA tsukhadAt — vasudEvasutAnnaparam kalayE

I do not understand any one other than Krishna who is surrounded by innumerable cowherdesses (gopikas) who are enchanted by the sweet music of His flute; who equals the beauty of all the Cupids (Manmathas); who gives joy and is dear to each gopika.

abhirAma guNAkara dASarathE — jagadEka dhanurdhara dheeramatE
raghunAyaka rAma ramESa vibhO — varadO bhava dEva dayA jaladhE

Source of enchanting virtues ! Rama! The Matchless Archer of the Universe! The Steady-minded One! The Best of the race of Raghu! Ramesa! The All-pervading! The Ocean of Compassion! O Lord ! Grant us boons.

avaneetanayA kamaneeyakaram — rajaneekara chAru mukhAmburuham
rajaneechara rAja tamO mihiram — mahaneeyamaham raghurAmamayE

I seek refuge in Raghurama who does what Sita likes, who has a beautiful face like the Moon, who is like the Sun to put an end to darkness (Ravana the King of Demons), and who is exalted.

sumukham suhRudam sulabham sukhadam — swanujam cha sukAya mamOghaSaram
apahAya raghoodwaha manya maham — na kathanchana kanchana jAtu bhajE

At no time and in no way, do I worship any one other than Rama,, who has elevated the Raghu race, who has a handsome face, a good heart, is easily attainable, has good brothers, has a beautiful body and whose arrows are unfailing.

vinA vEnkaTESam nanAthO nanAtha: — sadA vEnkaTESam smarAmi smarAmi
harE vEnkaTESa praseeda praseeda — priyam vEnkaTESa prayacCa prayacCa

There is no saviour other than Venkatesa. I will always pray to Venkatesa. O Hari Venkatesa! Be pleased and grant us favours.

aham dooratastvE padAmbhOjayugma — praNAmEccayAAgatya sEvAm karOmi
sakRutsEvayA nityasEvA phalam tvam — prayacCa prayacCa prabhO vEnkaTESa

O Lord! Having come from afar, with a desire to salute Thy lotus-like feet, I serve Thee Venkatesa! Please give me the opportunity for this occasional worship.

aj~nAninA mayA dOshA naSEshaan vihitAn harE: — kshamasvatvam kshamasvatvam SEshaSailasikhAmaNE

O Hari! The jewel-crest of Sesasaila! Pardon me for all the sins committed by me, an ignorant being.


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OUR MOTHER – The Goddess is in Everything

Looks like a Pagan video.

Who are Pagans?

“Pagans are people who belong to any of a number of nature-oriented religions, whose worship revolves around the cycles of the sun and moon. As Pagans, we believe in the immanence of divinity, not transcendence alone, and we see divinity in the feminine as well as the masculine.”

In other words:

Eesavaasyam Idam Jagat : The entire world is permeated with God.

Eesvara Sarva Bhootaanaam : God is the indweller of all beings.

Beejam Maam Sarva Bhootaanaam : “I am the origin, the seed of all things”.

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You Are Always Here

Why even bother to meditate? An excerpt from Coming to Our Senses by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D.

Each moment missed is a moment unlived. Each moment missed makes it more likely I will miss the next moment and live in mindless habits of automaticity of thinking, feeling, and doing rather than living in, out of, and through awareness.

Meditation... It's not what you think!

Every time we are able to know a desire as desire, anger as anger, a habit as habit, an opinion as an opinion, a thought as a thought, we are correspondingly liberated. Nothing else has to happen. We don’t even have to give up the desire or whatever it is. To see it and know it as desire, as whatever it is, is enough. In any given moment, we are either practicing mindfulness or, de facto, we are practicing mindlessness.

Mindfulness with Jon Kabat-Zinn

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